Web Design Quotes (in Images)

This is a collection of quotes about web design. I think these might help small business owners better understand the reasons for some of the decisions webmasters make, and help guide you if you're trying to run your own business and manage your own website at the same time.

With the web always changing in terms of devices, browsers, technologies, best practices, competitor activity, and user behaviours and expectations, you can't leave your website sitting idle for very long. Your business itself should be changing and growing anyway, or competitors will fly past you and take the market!

Quote - High quality websites... Quote - Avoid tricks intended to... Quote - Don't deceive your users. Quote - If possible, secure your... Quote - Optimize your page loading... Quote - Search is the most... Quote - Allow all site assets... Quote - The best types of links... Quote - Getting good, relevant answers... Quote - Google processes each...
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