Your USP: What Makes You Unique?

A patent is a strong USPI first heard about the "unique selling proposition" (USP) from Jay Abraham back in the mid-1990s.

He described asking companies what their unique offering to consumers was, and they would say "service, quality, dependability". These aren't unique characteristics, he said, and in fact are horrible clichés and meaningless platitudes that run off people's minds like water off the back of a duck.

Your unique selling proposition is something that is completely different and more beneficial to customers than your competitors. It's sometimes called your "value proposition".

If you can deliver in 5 days and it takes your competitors 10 days, then that's a specific, factual, unique advantage to the customer. If you offer 60-day returns and your competitors offer only 30-day returns, that's great, and you should spell it out clearly.

Unique benefits can be almost anything, from having a wider selection of colors, lower prices, being in business twice as long, or holding a patent. These are specific things with real meaning. Avoid worthless statements like "committed to customer satisfaction". Everyone says that, including companies that rip people off.

"Your unique selling proposition is anything that is factually and tangibly more beneficial to customers than your competitors."

You need to identify what honestly makes you different and/or better than your competition. If you can't think of anything, you need to stop what you're doing and figure out how you expect to stay in business!

What is your USP, your unique benefit to consumers? What makes you better than your competitors?

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