Are You Asking For The Sale?

Buy now buttonEven though that might sound like a silly question, it's easy to neglect this basic step - asking for the sale.

You can't sell anything unless you first explain what you've got, then explain why people need it, then offer to sell it to them.

Many small and medium-sized businesses pretty much stop after the first step. They run some advertisements in a local newspaper, put up a website, and wait.

But that isn't properly leading people through the buying process.

First you have to tell people that you (and your products/services) exist. Then you have to give very specific benefits and advantages (not features) they will get from buying your products/services.

And at some point you have to assume the sale and ask if they want the blue one or the green one, want to pay by cash or credit card, want delivery today or tomorrow, and so on. You can't be arrogant or pushy, and this doesn't apply to people who honestly have no use for what you sell, but with legitimate customers you do have to ask for the sale at some point.

In similar fashion, all your communications should move people along the path to buying from you. On your website, you should encourage people to call you or email you (or in some cases "buy now"); in newspaper ads, tell people to visit your website for more details; the same goes for flyers, brochures, TV commercials, and so on. What do you actually want people to do? Visit your store, go to your website, phone your office, contact a salesperson, come to your booth at a tradeshow, or something else? Whatever the goal of your advertising, spell it out in simple language.

"At some point you have to assume the sale and ask if they want the blue one or the green one."

This basic premise of "assuming the sale" (and a similar slogan known as ABC - "always be closing") is decades old, and should remain parked in the back of your mind. Assume you are speaking to someone who will benefit from what you have to offer, and ask them if-how-when they want it.

The reason you are in business is to sell something, and that can't happen unless you eventually say to the customer "sign here", or "click here", or "that will be $14.95 please".

Are you asking for the sale?

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