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Would you like a successful website? One that people will visit?

A site that attracts people looking for exactly what you sell?

That's what I build. No gimmicks, no short-term tricks.

To be honest it's pretty easy because I study two things many web designers don't... how the internet really works and how people search for things online.

Are you a ...small business? ...medium size business? ...startup or entrepreneur?

If so, I may be the specialist you need. Being a full-service webmaster, what I do is quite different than most designers. If you want a successful website, give me a call.

It's fun to build great looking websites and get them ranked high in searches. It's common knowledge how critical it is to be on the first page of search results and how sites beyond that are rarely seen.

Will your site be there? Or just your competitors?

New Websites

A top-ranking website saves you plenty of money over the long term because you don't need to keep spending money for people to know it exists. You can send visitors to your site through advertising as well, but there won't be an ongoing investment necessary just to get anyone there.

It may not matter to big companies with bottomless pockets, but small enterprises can get huge benefits from web design done properly, that can out-rank your competitors and bring you customers.

If you require a website that will show up in searches, give me a shout.

Website example:Heritage logo
Website example:Naylor logo
Website example:Maxama logo
Website example:Pro-Turf logo

Questions Before You Hire Me?

"A successful website... means you attract people eager for exactly what you sell, without going broke on advertising."

Mobile-friendly? Always. That's been the standard for a few years now. I'd be surprised if anyone was building sites that weren't.

Search-friendly? Yep. Your website will be found by people searching for what you offer.

Fast? You bet. Slow websites don't just annoy users, they annoy Google. I take extra steps to ensure your site loads instantly.

AODA compliant? Yep. Ontario legislation from 2014 requires many websites be handicap accessible, does that include yours?

100% Canadian? Yep. Trust me, there is no chance I would outsource anything to website mills and scammers in other countries. I don't outsource anything, ever.

Affordable? Definitely. You pay $2800 for a website worth between $5000 and $10,000.

"Did you know... copywriting alone can cost thousands! Big websites are happy to pay big money for something they know is so important."

Experienced? Yep. Over 15 years building websites. I've been doing this since before Google was a thing.

Accountable? Yep. You deal directly with me, not an account manager, or team lead, or anything else.

If you'd like, I'd be happy to drop by your workplace or meet somewhere in or around Peterborough.

Others Charge Thousands For The SEO I Give You Free

"Did you know... Google uses over 200 criteria to determine the quality of a website?

That's how they rank sites when people search.

They won't reveal what those criteria are, but my 15 years experience gives you the advantage."

My low price includes proven SEO services, so rest assured I won't be upselling you to buy more stuff. There's no point making a website that isn't built for both search engines and customers to instantly understand, and that's the guiding principle of everything I do.

A properly built website saves you both the embarrassment of something no one can find and the ongoing expense of having to advertise it. The smaller your budget the more you might benefit by getting in touch.

My prices are very low for this type of specialization. Drop me a line if you have any questions about web design or want some advice about a project.

A Final Note: Be Careful Hiring A Web Designer

I run into disappointed people fairly often. These are folks who already paid someone for a website then later came to me for a new one because it wasn't accomplishing much.

Out of respect for your money, please understand many web designers don't know how search engines work, how people think, how businesses operate, nor the purpose of a website. They rarely know anything about marketing, advertising, or sales. Basically, in Peterborough, anyone who has taken a Flash course and learned some HTML will tell you they are a "web designer". But that isn't web design. That's like learning how to use a Band-Aid then telling everyone you're a doctor. Don't fall for it!

"Did you know... only a few years ago you might have been told to get a desktop website, a mobile website, and a half dozen custom built apps! Now one website does it all."

There are also some web designers in Peterborough saying they do SEO (search engine optimization) when in fact they are using techniques that may get your site banned from Google, Bing, and other search engines. Some are using techniques that stopped mattering years ago, and some are using techniques that never did matter, but were misinformation and gossip spread within the industry. A few don't seem to even be trying, yet still advertise SEO services.

Then there's the horrible spelling, grammar, and lack of sales focus of most sites. Websites are marketing tools, just like flyers, newspaper ads, and tv commercials, but are almost never built from that perspective. I've got you covered.

Search engine optimization is a constantly changing art and science, and web design in general is becoming increasingly complex. The way things were 6 months ago has nothing to do with today. It takes effort to stay on top.

Let me know what you need.

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