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Heritage Cattle Company

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Lindsay website design example

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Will Your Website Get A Second Glance? Or A First?

Would you like a top-10-ranking website? One that people will visit?

A site that attracts people looking for exactly what you sell?

That's what I build. No gimmicks, no short-term trickery.

To be honest it's pretty easy because I study two things many web designers don't... how the internet really works and how people search for things online.

Are you a ...small business? ...medium size business? ...startup or entrepreneur? If so, I may be the specialist you need. Being an experienced full-service business webmaster, what I do is quite different than most designers. If you are looking for professional website design (and management if applicable), give me a call.

It's fun to build great looking websites for small businesses and get them ranked high in searches. It's common knowledge how critical it is to be on the first page of search results (the "top-10") and how people almost never click past that first page.

Did you know...

Google uses over 200 criteria to decide... useful a site is? credible a site is? trustworthy a site is?
...if it's better than other sites?


...what order to list sites in searches?

But they won't reveal what those criteria are

That's why my 15 years of experience and testing gives you the advantage.

If you'd like an inside edge, drop me an email.

Will your website be there? Or just your competitors?

A top-ranking website saves you plenty of money over the long term because you don't need to pay for people to know it exists. Of course your other advertising (flyers, newspaper ads, online ads, etc.) will send visitors to your site, but there won't be an ongoing investment necessary just to get anyone there.

It may not matter to big companies with bottomless pockets, but small enterprises can get huge benefits from web design done properly, that can out-rank your competitors and bring you customers.

If you need a website that will show up on Google & Bing, give me a shout!

Be Careful Hiring A Web Designer

I run into disappointed people fairly often. These are folks who already paid someone to build them a website then later came to me for a new one because it wasn't accomplishing very much.

Out of respect for your time and money, please understand many web designers don't know how search engines work, how people think, how businesses operate, nor the purpose of a website. They rarely know anything about marketing, advertising, or sales. Basically, in Peterborough, anyone who has taken a Flash course and learned some HTML will tell you they are a "web designer". But that isn't web design. That's like learning how to use a Band-Aid then telling everyone you're a doctor. Don't fall for it!

There are also some web designers in Peterborough saying they do SEO (search engine optimization) when in fact they are using techniques that may get your site banned from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Some are using techniques that stopped mattering years ago, and some are using techniques that never mattered, but were misinformation and gossip spread within the industry. A few don't seem to even be trying, yet still advertise SEO services.

Website design quote oneNow, the strange thing is they aren't necessarily trying to rip you off. You wouldn't believe the outdated information some colleges are teaching to students. Students are learning amazing graphic design skills, but aren't being taught proper web design, even in courses labelled as such. There's a lot of terrific graphic design floating around in cyberspace unappreciated because students aren't being taught what they really need to know. It's incredibly unfortunate.

And then there's the horrible spelling, grammar, and lack of sales focus of most sites. Websites are marketing tools, just like flyers, newspaper ads, and tv commercials, but are almost never built from that perspective. I've got you covered.

I build websites based on how the web really works, and how people really behave. And they're carefully crafted to appear in the top-10 search results.

Search engine optimization is a constantly changing art and science. The way things were 6 months or a year ago has nothing to do with today. It takes effort to stay current.

Other companies charge thousands for the SEO I give you free!

My incredibly low prices for professional web design include proven SEO services, so rest assured I won't be upselling you to buy more stuff. There's no point making a website that isn't built for search engines and customers to instantly understand, and that's the guiding principle of everything I do.

Website design quote twoA properly built website saves you both the embarrassment of something no one can find, and the ongoing expense of having to advertise it. In fact the smaller your budget the more you might benefit by getting in touch.

My prices are about half what they should be for this type of specialization. Drop me a line if you have any questions or are ready to get started.

New Websites
Graphic Design

Here's How It Works

You pay a $200 retainer.
I build your site to your satisfaction.
After your site ranks in the top-10 search results, you pay the balance.

Here's What You Get

You will love your site.
Your site will appear in searches.
Your site will work on all web browsers.
Your site will work on any device, smartphone to desktop.
Your site will comply with Ontario disability requirements.
You get everything you need. No hidden costs, no upsells.

I build professional business websites. Call or email today.

Here's What I Do:

1) Website design

My clients are small and medium-size businesses that want to be found in searches when people are looking for what they sell. Does that sound like you?

I create 100% original websites from scratch. This includes all coding as well as custom graphic design, photography, video, audio, and whatever else you might need. I can register your name and get you online fast.

I don't use cheap templates or do-it-yourself design tools like FrontPage, GoLive, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Joomla, iWeb, Sitebuilder, or anything else. Beware "web designers" who are actually using software that spits out sites for them. What a waste of money, you could do that yourself!

This is a website designed specifically for you, your business, and your customers. It will work on all devices, which saves you the cost of an additional "mobile website" or handful of custom apps.

Most important, I make sure your website is found when people are searching for what you sell.

2) Website hosting & maintenance

Website hosting and maintenanceThis is full-service, top-to-bottom hosting, management, and maintenance. My version of "hosting" is based on the upkeep requirements of a top-10 website, and includes everything needed to keep your site working smooth and fast, and ranking well in searches, such as:

  • content updates (things you want added, removed, changed)
  • server updates
  • performance tuning
  • browser compatibility tests
  • traffic monitoring
  • broken link checks
  • malware checks
  • blacklist checks

Be aware that having your site built and/or updated by a big company can lead to headaches getting changes made or mistakes fixed (I've heard plenty of stories). A basic hosting account by itself might be ok, as long as you can do your own updates and maintenance without having to go through someone.

3) Graphic design

Social media graphicsAside from web design, I also provide a range of graphic design for clients. From logos to ads to photo retouching, let me know what you need. Professional artwork makes your company more recognizable and respectable, and is very important for all your advertising.

One example is graphics for social media accounts. Have you ever seen inconsistent imagery for the same company in different places? Like logos that are squished or blurry, clearly not intended for such use? It creates a strange impression. I can make customized graphics for your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and other accounts, including avatars, header images, background images, etc.

Note: all graphic design services are included free for web design clients, but some things are also available separately. See the Prices page for details.

Be Sure You Get The Most Out Of Your Website!

A website is generally the core element of your advertising, and can be updated quickly at little cost once built. A well designed site can advertise products and services, attract investors, vendors, or partners, and inform customers and prospects about almost anything. It tells customers where you are located, your hours of operation, and how to get in contact with you. It gives someone a way to learn more about you, with no pressure, 24 hours a day.

If you need a new website, want an old site updated to be mobile-friendly, or simply feel you could be getting more out of your current one, send me an email or give me a call.